Business Idea #1: Take my car to a mechanic/service

Business Idea #1: Take my car to a mechanic/service

The need it satisfies

Some people just do not have the time to get their cars to the service; for the annual inspection, maintenance, or when something needs fixing. Don’t expose yourself to mechanics and services that want to rip you off by invoicing useless parts and man-hours.

How do you satisfy that need

Offer the service of taking the car from the owner’s house and taking it to the mechanic/service! AND also build trust with the customer so that he knows that he will not be paying extra money for useless service operations. Because the guy who’s taking the car to the service will be skilled in cars and services. Doesn’t need to be a mechanic or an expert. Just passionate about cars with a good level of knowledge when it comes to engines and common car problems. These guys are active on every car brand specific forum. Find some of them with sufficient experience. They can not be tricked by mechanics into paying for unnecessary stuff.

The business model

Just like UBER, your web platform will have a contract with these experienced guys.

  • They will receive orders from real customers coming to your site.
  • The customer will come to your website
  • He will make a request and specify a time interval and location where the expert can pick up the car.
  • The first expert to accept the request will have to complete the job.
  • Payment will be done in advance, for the service, on the website and will stay with the web platform until the job is completed.
  • The customer marks the job as completed.
  • The expert is then paid, the money will be released to him.
  • \You get to keep a commission as a web platform.

Logistics and other stuff

You will need a website, you will need to find and recruit honest and responsible experts to complete these jobs. We recommend having a very good recruiting process to test car knowledge and honesty. Consider asking for criminal records and anything you see fit to ensure that the experts will not commit any fraudulent activity. You will use this recruiting system as your USP to gain trust from your customers.

How much money do you need to start this business idea

Well, you will need the web platform, an MVP costs around $1000-$2000, depending on how complex you would like it to be. You will also need to set-up a company – check with your local laws and regulations to find out the costs for that. Then you will need a marketing budget and a marketing guy $200-$300/month should do it, in the beginning. You can scale this up when you feel it’s appropriate.

Examples of similar businesses

Here are some guys doing something similar:

Or you can contact us here and receive a free consultation to start your project!

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