Business idea #3: sell car vinyls online!

Business idea #3: sell car vinyls online!

The need to satisfy

If you are a car enthusiast you know how important you car is. A good looking car makes a good impression. A lot of motor heads think the same, use that to sell car vinyls online.

How to satisfy that need

This is for you if you have a great imagination and design skills. If you are that person that go ahead and design some great vinyls. Share that with your car enthusiast friends and see how they react. You will be amazed. Now, let’s do that on a big scale, let’s sell online.

The business model

  • Create some awesome designs
  • Get a printer and print out the designs
  • Put those vinyls on some awesome cars
  • Get some pictures of those cars, you will need them to showcase your vinyls
  • Add your images and designs to a web platform
  • Sell car vinyls online
  • Let people buy those designs/vinyls by selecting how big they want them and paying online
  • Ship the vinyls when the payment is confirmed with your payment processor

How much money do you need to sell car vinyls online

This is a good question. You will need:

  • A quite large printer $3000-$7000
  • A web platform: $1500-$3000
  • Marketing: $200-$300/ month at the beginning
  • Designs: you make them boy and stop complaining 🙂

Another alternative would be to find an already existing printing business and just make a contract to use their printers. We suggest making the price go down when you have more orders.

Examples of similar businesses

Check out these guys:

Start building your business now! Contact us here, use the form to get a free consultation! And like always, leave us a comment if you have questions about selling car vinyls online!

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